Have you ever ditched the car and decided to ride the rails? About a year ago, I took the Amtrak up to Glenwood Springs and had an entirely new travel experience: while it was a little bit slower than riding in my Hyundai, it was a way to connect with the landscape around me, slow down, and enjoy the view.

Now, Amtrak has announced a new line, according to Post Independent: the rail connecting Glenwood Springs and Denver may now intersect with a rail connecting Cheyenne to Pueblo.

This is all based around President Biden's new American Jobs Plan, which has given $80 million to Amtrak to repair their current rails and add new ones. According to the Post, the Colorado Department of Transportation will be the ones allocating those funds to Amtrak for their upcoming projects.

Obviously, when it comes to the train, you can expect some service changes due to the pandemic. Currently, the Glenwood Springs line only performs three services per week, but that's subject to change as vaccines are more evenly distributed throughout Colorado.

The funding still needs to be approved by Congress, but Governor Polis's team is keeping a positive outlook, especially since increased train usage will encourage more drivers to get off the roads and possibly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As a train lover, I'm excited to ride to Cheyenne, and have a classic experience that can't be matched by an automobile.

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