If you haven't seen Magic For Humans yet on Netflix, you're missing out. The Netflix special's star is headed our way for some magic, some comedy, and probably a drunken love story or two.

Justin Willman originally came onto the scene thanks to Seth Rogen's star-studded event, 'Hilarity For Charity', and that event is also how he met his wife, Jill. For their wedding, he and his wife created a now-viral faux Drunk History episode about how they met, and the video gave him 3 million new fans, as well as a Netflix special.

Here's that video, in case you missed it.

What's even better is that Willman is now on his comedy/magic tour, and he's stopping at the Boulder Theater for some magical hijinks.

Willman's six-episode series on Netflix uses magic to explore different aspects of humanity: things like paranoia, love and dating, and more. My favorite? When he convinces a guy he's been turned invisible:

You can learn more about Willman's Boulder set as well as grab tickets to the show right here.

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