"How long was your longest relationship?" and "What is your current dating life like?" are just a couple of the questions a production company are asking of would-be cast members for their Netflix dating reality show, now casting in Denver, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Others like "Why do you think you're single?" or "Why are you a catch?" might make you have to think a little harder just what exactly you're doing with your life, because you know, that level of introspection is hard. (I'd put an "LOL" after that last sentence, if this were a casual text chain.)

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Regardless, singles are being encouraged to fill out the questionnaire and application on the production company Kinetic Content's website, in hopes of finding the next cast for the Netflix reality dating show 'Love is Blind.'

Netflix's Love Is Blind VIP Viewing Party In Atlanta
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On the show, singles from the same metro area get to know each other by communicating without being allowed to see the other person. If and when they decide they've found a match and propose, only then can they see each other as they set off on a vacation together to get to know their new fiancé even better, and meet the other couples in person as well.

Once vacation is over, the engaged couples all move into the same apartment complex - in this case, somewhere in Denver - at which point they can meet each other's family and friends as they plan their wedding, to be held at the end of a four week period. Once they get to the altar, they decide whether or not to say "I do" and go through with it.

Sounds like a good time. Imagine meeting your future significant other this way and explaining to your grandparents how you met. Hilarity will ensue, no doubt.

For more information and to apply to be on the show, interested single people can visit their casting website.

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