Help law enforcement keep prescription drugs off the streets. All local police departments are joining in the effort with the DEA to try to keep prescription drugs off the streets and they need your help. Nationwide Police Departments, as well as designated sights, are accepting all the medication that are no longer needed, including pet medication. Prescriptions that are used to make meth and heroin will be less available, therefore keeping the drugs off the streets.

Law enforcement need your help though in keeping these drugs out of the wrong hands. That is why they have National Take Back day. A day for your to bring in those old prescriptions you have no idea what to do with, or how to dispose off. Bring in the prescriptions from 10am to 2pm to your local law enforcement authorities, or find a site in your local area. You can get a list of everything they accept as well here. Join the effort and dispose of your unused medication properly.

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