I attended Conrad Ball Junior High from 1979-1982, right as disco was ending and punk and pop were emerging. That was long ago, in my hometown.

It's nearly official, as the Reporter-Herald reports that on June 16, 2021, the Thompson School District Board is likely to approve the plan to have Conrad Ball go through a makeover to become a K-8 school.

I attended Con Ball when it was a 'junior high' with 7th and 8th and 9th grades being there; 9th graders were called 'Freshman.' We were, they still are, The Thunderbirds, with Denver Broncos colors, orange and blue.

They'll be moving students from Mary Blair and Monroe elementary schools to the new K-8 Conrad Ball, which is named after an esteemed judge in Larimer County, and shutting those two schools down.

I attended Con Ball after completing elementary school at Lincoln Elementary. Lincoln was just down the street where we lived then; getting to Conrad Ball was always an issue. Lots of walking, lots of rides from the neighbor's mom who worked at Con Ball.

According to the Reporter-Herald, attendance for the three schools, combined, has dropped 500 from 2013; from 1,350 to 850.

By the 2023-2024 schoolyear, Conrad Ball will have gone through renovations and additions to accommodate all three schools.

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I guess they'll just call the school "Conrad Ball K-8." I wonder what the mascot will be? Will they keep 'Thunderbirds?' Mary Blair's mascot has been 'Bobcats' and Monroe's has been 'Mustangs;' will they come up with a completely new mascot?

Get more on the consolidation of the schools from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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