Being in your twenties is a wild ride. For me, settling down is on the back burner of the stove I still haven't figured out how to use. (Yeah, I admit it. I can't cook.)

Last spring, I moved into a century-old apartment, and I feel like its pre-war quirks would

probably annoy most people. But for me, I feel like they've offered wisdom to this millennial girl trying to conquer #adulting; living simply, discovering self reliance and independence and, ultimately, how to cherish this time in my life.

I think that walls in old buildings do talk, you just really have to listen. Like, 'Shelby, there are bugs getting into your laundry basket, look twice before you put those on...' or 'Hey, you should really be flossing more regularly,'  and some other things.

Or, maybe my apartment is just haunted, because that's very well a possibility.

Five Things I've Learned from My First Place