The police officials throughout Fort Collins do a great job in not only protecting the public, but also solving crimes in the city. However, there are still some cold cases in the area that need our help to solve.

The cold cases that remain in the city of Fort Collins range from homicide cases to missing persons. But no matter what type of case it is, they are all equally important to get them solved and to bring closure to the families that have been affected.

Take a look at the below slideshow with five cold cases that need to be solved, and see if you can bring any information to the table to help authorities close these for good.

If you feel like you have information which is pertinent to these cases, please call the Fort Collins Police Department immediately to provide them with what you know.

Want to learn more about the Peggy Hettrick cold case? This video will give you stunning information about it, and more of a background on the story than what you see on the Colorado website:



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