What is it about breakup songs? I'm happily married and I can still feel the core cutting emotion behind a good breakup song. These are my new favorites.

Tristan Prettyman's whole album Cedar and Gold is a breakup album stemming from her broken engagement to Jason Mraz. This song "Glass Jar" contains lyrics "you gave up on us"  which is surely a response to Mraz's hit song "I Won't Give Up". Juicy!!!

I'm a huge Tegan & Sara fan and their new album Heartthrob contains several amazing breakup songs, but track 3, "I Was A Fool" contains the drama and harmony that takes me back to the sound of 80's breakup songs sung by The Bangles and Debbie Gibson.

Serena Ryder came to play a show for 99.9 The Point in 2010 and just as she did then, her songs on the new album Harmony send chills down my spine and make me sing loud. "Baby Come Back" is a breakup song with a serious beat.

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