This year, I decided to grow a few different varieties of hot peppers in my back yard. I thought it would be a fun thing to do to try out some other plants other than the usual Habaneros and Jalapenos. This year, I planted Carolina Reapers, Chocolate Habaneros, Trinidad Scorpions and Ghost peppers. Well, mother nature hates hot peppers! This past weekend is the second time that they all have been hammered by hail.

The storm on Sunday ended up smashing up all of my pepper crop!

The only plant I managed to get to the cover of my grill was my Trinidad Scorpion Pepper plant. The rest above, do not have a single leaf that was not hit by hail.

I am hoping they all have a nice recovery from the hail storm. I do have to say, that there was more hail on our yard and all over the street. So much in fact, there was more than any snow storm that we had all winter long.