Aside from politics, the pronunciation of these Colorado city names is probably the biggest debate of the century.

In Northern Colorado, we're all used to the giggles we get when a transplant or visitor hears the word "Poudre." However, when they say "poo-dray," there are no giggles on our end. Right? That's because we are so loyal that we get offended quite easily when someone mispronounces a word or name that is obviously "poo-der" to us.

But...we might be pronouncing some of these Colorado city or town names incorrectly without realizing it.

Unfortunately a lot of the names we mispronounce are Spanish names, and while there are many towns and cities with Spanish names in Colorado, I didn't include all of them (just some of the obvious ones). There's even one Spanish-named town where the locals' mispronunciation is the correct way to say it. (Ugh.) You may know which one I'm talking about, and it's one of these most mispronounced Colorado city names below.

I got a little help from this "Pronunciations: Colorado Places" chat room on, where you can find other pronunciations vs. mispronunciations.

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