You'll feel like you are FaceTiming on your iPhone with none other than Miley Cyrus thanks to the director's cut of her game-changing 'Wrecking Ball' video. This version is four minutes of Miley's face, up close and personal.

No nakedness. No licking sledgehammers. No demolished walls. Just Miley and her baby blues, pink-red painted lips, curled lashes and streams of tears.

Cyrus weeps, emotes and lets you look deep into her eyes. She's also got some mucous strings and perfect, flawless teeth. She doesn't hide her pain and it's almost too intimate to look at her that close for that long. We're struck by how raw her emotions are and how gorgeous her face is. No gimmicks. No trends. No twerks.

Stick around for the very end when the mood lightens for a sec.

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