It's been a very big argument around the area, especially when Loveland High School changed from Indians to Red Wolves. Will this suit bring back Indians, and others?

When I graduated from Loveland High School in 1985, we were the Indians, and the mascot remained that way for another 30+ years, until October of 2020, when Thompson School District announced that the Indians mascot would be changed to the 'Red Wolves.'

Many schools in Colorado made changes, including Bill Reed Middle School in Loveland having to change the image of the warrior in their 'Warriors' mascot, and Frederick High School changing from 'Warriors' to 'Golden Eagles.'

I can tell you this: Many members of my graduating class did not care for the change. But, even some Native Americans are upset about all of this, and now a lawsuit has been filed over it.

Denver7 has the news on how a few students and former students in southern Colorado have joined forces with a non-profit organization, The Native American Guardian's Association, whose mission is:

advocating for increased education about Native Americans, especially in public educational institutions, and greater recognition of Native American Heritage through the high profile venues of sports and other public platforms.

Together, the group is suing to repeal the law, citing among other things, that it's adding to the genocide of Native Americans.

It would be very interesting to see, if they win this lawsuit, will the schools that changed, go back to what they were, and then highlight how they are 'embracing' Native American history and heritage?

Get more on the lawsuit from Denver7 HERE.

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