Have you ever had a Bobo's Oat Bar? Their current slogan is 'Made with Love in Boulder.' That may be changing to '... in Loveland.'

Having grown up in Loveland and being a current resident of Loveland, I take keen notice to business happenings in my hometown. This one sounds 'tasty,' to say the least.

I will now be spending some time tracking down a Bobo's Oat Bar to see how they taste, as it looks like they'll be made in Loveland soon. BizWest has the news on how the company, based in the Boulder/Gunbarrel area (just east of Boulder Reservoir) has made plans to bring most of their operations to Loveland.

The company began in 2003, with a mother and daughter (the daughter's nickname is 'Bobo') coming together to make a snack out of items they had on hand. Four ingredients. 17 years later, they made INC. magazine's '5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2020' list (#3124), and they still only use four ingredients.

Bobo's does have a bakery and a warehouse in Loveland, but with this consolidation, schedule for 2022, they'll move those, and the bakery in Boulder into this new 125,000 square-feet facility.

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According to their LinkedIn page, in 2020 they employed about 200 people in Boulder and Loveland. With the move, they'll be able to grow even more than they have, recently.  Since they are moving  ALL baking to Loveland, they may have to change their 'Made With Love in Boulder' slogan to 'Created With Love in Boulder.'

Maybe we could get 'Made With Love in Loveland.' That would be great, but not likely.  They could just whip up one small batch every month at the founder's Boulder home, where the headquarters will remain, and retain the 'Made with Love in Boulder' slogan; sometimes you have to be clever.

The new Bobo's Oat Bars facilities will be in the industrial area of Centerra, near the new NORCO gym and Amazon.

Find out more about the move from BizWest HERE.

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