The man who plead guilty to a hate crime for throwing rocks and a Bible through the windows of a Fort Collins mosque has killed himself, according to authorities.

Joseph Giaquinto took his own life this past Saturday, two days after he was sentenced to three years in wellness court and six months of work release for vandalizing the Islamic Center of Fort Collins. The charges against him were raised to a hate crime because, according to prosecutors, they were deliberate.

Larimer County Sheriff's deputies responded to a call to the Motel 6 on Mulberry St. Saturday afternoon for a death investigation, according to spokesman David Moore. The Larimer County coroner's office performed an autopsy Sunday and made the official announcement of Guiaquinto's death Monday morning.

According to Giaquinto's father, Joseph served as a combat medic in the Army for eight years and did tours in Iraq and Korea. His public defender at his sentencing claimed that Giaquinto suffered from chronic post-traumatic stress and alcohol abuse disorders.

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