23-year-old Dominic Jackson will spend 16 years in jail for dragging a Colorado State University police officer with a stolen car in 2017, according to The Coloradoan

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning on September 7 of that year, when a routine traffic stop took an unexpected turn.

Officer Mike Lohman pulled Jackson over and asked him to exit the vehicle once he realized the car was stolen. Jackson refused, causing Lohman to open the passenger door, when he saw a gun on the floor.

The two fought over the gun, which Lohman was eventually able to get out of the car. Lohman was still halfway in the car when Jackson hit the gas, dragging the officer for about a block before crashing into a parked car.

Both parties were thrown from the car and received various injuries. Lohman suffered a concussion and needed stitches for gouges on his head.

According to Lohman's wife, he called an ambulance for Jackson after the crash.

Jackson plead guilty to an attempted first degree murder of a peace officer charge on Wednesday (December 4) as part of a plea deal. His three other charges were dropped.

Eighth Judicial District Judge Susan Blanco sentenced him to 16 years in jail, as well as five years of parole and $1 million in fines.

"The danger [you imposed] to the community is unacceptable and you know it," said Blanco. "If you had just stopped, consequences would be so different for you..."

Lohman now works for the Greeley Police Department. He was awarded a Congressional Badge of Bravery from Senator Cory Gardner in August for his actions towards Jackson.

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