Sometimes there are people that are a little bit creepy and then there are ones that are a lot creepy. Take this guy, for example, who was busted for sucking on a woman's toes in the North Carolina Walmart.

Just to clarify, this was not consensual toe-licking.

According to KDVR, the 40-year-old man struck up a conversation with a 31-year-old woman in the store, claimed he was  foot doctor, and asked her to follow him into the shoe department to try on some shoes.

He said, ‘I need to take a picture for research,’ and when he did, he stuck her foot in his mouth.

She was not amused and the dude tried to make amends by offering to buy her groceries. (What a gentleman.)  She ran off, called her husband and called police and they used surveillance footage to arrest the toe-sucker and charge him with assault.

What a creep,

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