Moms are the best, aren't they?

If there was any wild animal that you wish you could have as a pet or a best friend (Disney-style), what would you choose? Hands down, I'm going with a bear. They're adorable yet strong, they look like they could be cuddly, and apparently they are playful. I also went to Baylor, so I'm technically a bear.

Back to the playful thing.

Although these creates are quite dangerous, bears have been seen in the wild being silly and quite human like. And nothing confirms this more than watching a mama bear and her cubs. At times it can feel like you're watching real people in bear costumes play around.

Recently we found a mom and cub pair on the Internet, just having some fun on the playground.

According to TODAY, this happened in Asheville, North Carolina at Isaac Dickson Elementary School. It was posted by Betsie Stockslager Emry and you can hear her laughing as other watch in wonder and even narrate the video.

You see mama race up the steps of the playground before taking a dive down one of the bigger slides. The cub is a tad concerned about the height so she runs to the bottom of the smallest slides. You can see her kind of coax him to take a leap of faith. Finally he takes the plunge, but before he reaches the bottom, mom playfully tackles him.

It's like she's telling him she's so proud of him.

See for yourself...

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