Music makes everything better.

Ever notice how dancing or singing lifts your mood, almost instantly? Ever have a bad day and hearing your favorite song on your favorite radio station melts away those blues? It's the magic of music. Aside from being a creative outlet, music can heal us, bond us, and gives us hope.

And that's why people have cranked up the music during this pandemic.

People Magazine recently published a poll that said 81 percent of Americans have turned to music to cope with this mess. The poll was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with HARMAN International. In addition to radio play and playlists, people said that virtual concerts from their favorite artists have also helped them feel connected. For 58 percent of respondents, music is a staple for stressful situations in every day life.

The "quarantunes" have also made us more productive, with 79 percent using music to aid in their workday.

All of this sounds like several great reasons to keep us around. Not only can we speed up your workday, we can keep you company when you start to feel down. We are great life companions. And feel free to download our free mobile app. That way, we can be by your side every moment.

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