If you were wondering what businesses are going to be in Loveland's The Foundry, you have at least one answer: Mo' Betta.

The Reporter-Herald broke the story late August 13, 2019, that The Foundry has signed on its first business for the ground-level commercial spaces.

Chef Clay has signed a 10-year lease and will be moving his famed Mo' Betta Gumbo to the space on the north end of The Foundry on the Lincoln Avenue side.

The new space will give what Chef has been looking for - more space. According to the Reporter-Herald, the kitchen alone will be almost TEN TIMES the size of the current location's. More space to prepare food, more space for more customers, Mo' Betta, indeed.

With luck, Chef Clay is shooting for the 'new' Mo' Betta to be open by November of 2019.

With Mo' Betta Gumbo moving off that corner at 4th and Cleveland, that will open an opportunity - for what, I don't know; Chef Clay has had a hard time getting anything done with the building. It'll be very interesting to see what takes over the space.

Get more on Mo' Betta moving from the Reporter-Herald HERE.