A Loveland teacher is suing Thompson School District after she was allegedly beaten and bullied by a student.

According to KDVR-TV, Carrie Giesler says the district failed to protect her from a violent student, and would not allow her to document incidents or notify police.

Giesler was hired to teach a 13-year-old boy with autism for the 2014-2015 school year, says KDVR-TV. She says he physically attacked her for a 6-month period beginning that October.

"Walked up and open face, open handed slapped me, punched me in the ribs, kicked me in the back, spitting in my face" Giesler told KDVR-TV, adding he threatened to kill her and drew pictures of the weapons he would use.

"The entire time with him going, 'Are you scared of me? Are you scared of me? You should be. I'm going to kill you, bitch," said Giesler.

Instead of reprimanding the student, Giesler's superiors took action against her.

Giesler finally notified police when the student broke her thumb, for which third-degree assault charges were filed. She says she eventually lost her job following this incident.

Attorney Ronald Jung, who is suing Thompson School District on Giesler's behalf, tells KDVR-TV, "You have the right to call police when you are in danger, that is a constitutional right...They contributed or created this dangerous situation and then they told her, by the way, you can't call police."

Giesler hopes to see a change in policy to protect teachers moving forward. She tells KDVR-TV there is currently "no mandated regulation that gives teachers the proper training to deal with violent special needs students," adding that "it needs to stop."

KDVR-TV says a spokeswoman for Thompson School District would not comment on the pending legal case.

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