Utah Beach in Normandy is better known as the place where tens of thousands of soldiers took part in D-Day, June 6, 1944...just 75 short years ago.

War reenactors are suiting up and paying homage to the soldiers who served in the war so long ago, including a local man who decided to honor his father's service.

Paul Bukowski is from Loveland, and his father, Hank, was a was part of the third assault wave on Utah Beach on that fateful day, according to Fox 31. Because of this, the 75th anniversary has a special meaning to Paul, who recently traveled to Normandy to pay homage to his late father.

Fox 31 interviewed the man, who ended up taking home a bag of sand from the beach as a precious reminder of the place his father served his country.

With the 75th anniversary of D-Day only in two days, we can imagine many war reenactors will swarm Utah Beach, but not many will have such a personal story like Bukowski's.

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