America's "Sweetheart City" is at it again...for the 75th year, Loveland is kicking off their Valentines remailing program where the city receives over 100,000 Valentines each and every year and that's where the volunteers come into play as they mark EVERY one of them with a special stamp and love poem and then ship them to their original destination.

Loveland's post offices get valentines from all 50 states and 110 countries during this program...which happens to be the largest of its kind anywhere...and it's right here in Loveland...pretty neat.

According to 9 News, for this year to commemorate the 75thy anniversary, there will be a collector's envelope designed by artist Corry McDowell which will include a verse written by Judy Rethmeier "Let's unite our hearts this Valentines Day, our Sweetheart City will lead the way".

If you'd like to participate in this cool event and send your valentine through America's Sweetheart City... send a pre addressed and stamped valentine in an enclosed, large first class envelope and address it to...

Postmaster: ATTN Valentines

446 E 29th St

Loveland, CO 80538-9998

Important dates to remember for the Valentines program

  1.  February 1- International mail must be received 
  2.  February 7- all U.S. mail must be received
  3. February 8- Drop off a Valentine at the Loveland Chamber of Commerce or at the Loveland Post Office

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