It is inevitable, at one time or another you will drop an electronic device in water, or spill water on your phone, tablet or laptop. Well, there is now hope, and it is in Loveland.

As the Loveland Reporter-Herald reported, maybe it falls in the toilet or a puddle. Or you spill your drink on it. Either way, there is now hope for the these water stricken devices.

Hope by the way, doesn't come in the form of a 5-pound bag of rice either.

But how you ask is the phenomenon possible? It is with the TekDry system, and one of the first three machines has gone to a cellphone repair shop in Loveland.

The patented TekDry uses a process that uses a combination of negative pressure (think vacuum) as well as low heat to draw water out of a device. Sensors on the machine keep track of the humidity in the drying chamber.

TekDry charges $69.99 to dry out a smartphone, $149.99 for a tablet computer and $249.99 for a laptop.

There is a catch right? You are out $50-$100 even if the drying is unsuccessful right? Wrong.

If the rescue attempt is unsuccessful, TekDry charges nothing.

So where are these awesome machines? The company has its machines in the CPR (Cell Phone Repair) stores in Loveland and on the 16th Street Mall in Denver and in a TekDry storefront in Westminster that doubles as company headquarters.

If you have a little more complex situation, feel free to call and get more information from CPR at 970-619-8359 or go to

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