Mean. Mean is the first word that comes to mind when it comes to what happened at Grimm Brothers in Loveland. Why are people so mean?

Grimm Brother Brewhouse opened in 2010 as Loveland's first brewery. For nearly a decade, they've been a great part of the Loveland community. That's why when you hear of somebody vandalizing their brewhouse, you get angry.

It's not like it's like someone went and spray painted all over the place, or made it so they can't brew beer, but it's vandalism just the same.

Over the weekend of April 6 and 7, 2019, someone removed the photos they had up in the bathrooms. The vandal left the frames but took the photos. It would have been pretty hard to trot out of there with framed photos.

That's just plain mean.

The photos that were in the frames were taken by a friend of theirs and were special to the bierhall. Now, they'll be on someone else's wall- unless they return the photos, which doesn't seem likely.

Grimm Brothers

But Grimm Brothers, though bummed, is turning the other cheek:

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