Fort Collins is known for its poppin' local music scene, but the town has also hosted some of the world's most famous rock artists.

From The Rolling Stones to Smash Mouth, the home of the Rams has had no shortage of celebrity performances.

Whether these shows stuck with us because of the band's talent or because of the lead singer's temper tantrum, these performances are ones to be remembered.

So, for better or for worse, here are Fort Collins' most memorable concerts.

1. The Rolling Stones at Moby Arena

The Rolling Stones have always had a reputation as the "bad boys" of rock n' roll, and they certainly proved it during their visit to Fort Collins. Their 1969 show at Moby Arena (then known as Moby Gym) cost the university about $40,000 in damages, for everything from cigarette burns on the floor to broken windows.

The Stones had never heard of Fort Collins before this, even calling it "Fort What?" However, they returned to the town seven years later for a performance at Hughes Stadium.

2. The Beach Boys at Hughes Stadium

The Beach Boys became mountain boys for a little bit.

The band stopped by Hughes Stadium in 1975 as part of their Beachago Tour. They had already visited CSU the year before, but this performance was extra special because they had Elton John join them on stage.

3. Bob Dylan at Hughes Stadium

The "Voice of a Generation" performed at Hughes Stadium in 1976 during his tour the Rolling Thunder Review. His Fort Collins show was taped and became the focus of a NBC TV concert special, as well as the live album Hard Rain.

However, critics scrutinized the special, saying it sounded like Dylan had "run out of steam."

4. U2 at the Lincoln Center

The band graced the stage of the Lincoln Center in 1981, performing songs from their second album October. Tickets were only $4.20 (say what??) at the time, and they supposedly put on an "electrifying" show.

Bono even told the crowd to call their local radio stations and request U2 nonstop. What do you think, Retro 102.5?

5. Van Halen at Moby Arena

The "Runnin' With the Devil" singers hit the stage at Moby Arena (Gym) in March of 1980 for their Party 'til You Die Tour. Performing songs from their third album, Women and Children First, the band put on an insane show, complete with acrobatics and 80's fashion.

One fan said the show was so loud, it left their ears ringing.

6. Smash Mouth at Taste of Fort Collins

The band's Taste of Fort Collins show was particularly memorable because of their lead singer, Steve Harwell. A fan threw bread on stage during the mega-hit "All Star," causing Harwell to launch into an expletive-filled rant...all while the band kept playing.

Warning: dirty language below, folks.

As you can see, the (mostly) classic rock artists knew how to party. Who knows, maybe we'll be writing an article about Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber shows in 10 years.

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