Colorado has great love for their weather forecasters. Somewhat of a relationship, if you will. Whoever you love watching to get your weather news on a daily basis, one thing for sure is, we all know who Ed Greene is.

The news has broke from the Denver Post that the weather forecaster on CBS 4 News will be phased out over the next 6 months. Ed Greene has spent 40 years on the television of Coloradoans and has the longest history in Denver.

Credit: CBS Denver Via Youtube
Credit: CBS Denver Via Youtube


In the article in the Denver Post, Greene said "I guess management is going in a new direction?" Ed Greene has been with Channel 4 since 1981. Over 35 years.

In the months ahead, KCNC Channel 4 will be phasing in Lauren Whitney to take Ed Greene's place. It appears that Greene will not be gone from the station all together as he will still be doing fill in work and community events for the station.


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