On this Tuesday, a very special act is being celebrated in Colorado: the act of giving back.

Today is #ColoradoGivesDay, and if you're wondering who/what/where to give your time, support, and energy, we have a few great ideas.

1. Support your local shelter

Shelters always need donations from big-hearted individuals like us, so take a few bucks and support homeless animals in our community...or, even better, go adopt a furry friend and give them the gift of a brand-new home.

The Larimer Humane Society has been challenged to raise $65,000 today, so you can start your giving right here.

2. Support the arts

Whether it's local journalism or supporting Colorado artists, supporting Colorado's art community is a great way to give back. One great organization to consider is the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, who describes themselves as a "non-partisan alliance of news organizations [whose mission] is to ensure that Coloradans – journalists, the general public, public officials, educators, students, business owners and legal professionals – understand and use the public’s rights of access to the records and proceedings of government and the judiciary." (Source)

The CBCA (Colorado Business Comittee for the Arts) is another great resource, or you can become a member of your local paper or visit your favorite Colorado museum.

3. Support your local library

Libraries are huge resources that are doing more for our communities than just renting out books, so consider a donation to your favorite local library today.

4. Support the environment

Obviously, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country, so why not use your donation today in protecting our beautiful mountains, rivers, and more?

Follow this link to give back to the Conservation Colorado Education Fund, an organization working to "protect Colorado's air, land, water, and people" (Source)

5. Find your new favorite nonprofit

Whether it's healthcare, schools, a food pantry, or somewhere you haven't discovered yet, ColoradoGives has their very own database for donating, so visit the link below to find a million different ways to give back.

Happy giving!

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