Another one bites the dust as we sadly say goodbye to another locally owned and operated restaurant in Colorado. What happened to this fun little local favorite?

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Another Local Restaurant In Colorado Permanently Closed


With so many fantastic local food options around Colorado to eat at, it's easy to take some of these terrific local spots for granted. That seems to be the case with this great locally-owned restaurant that just opened last fall. With the success of their original location in Boulder, Colorado, which opened in 1996, this local family set out to open a second location in hopes of doing just as well. Sadly, after just one year, they were forced to close the doors on what was most certainly a fantastic local restaurant option.

Half Fast Subs Permanently Closes Fort Collins Location

Conveniently located right on College and Laurel in Fort Collins, Colorado, Half Fast Subs opened its second location in August of 2022. The expansion adventure only lasted a year, unfortunately, as they have now shut down this beautiful location.

The sign on their now-locked Fort Collins doors currently reads:

Unfortunately, our attempt to expand to two locations did not go as planned. Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have decided to close this location. We did not come to this decision lightly, as it will have both an emotional and financial impact on both the owners and staff, however, we had no other choice.

Here's their full post from Half Fast Subs' Facebook page.

Much like the Half Fast family thought, if it worked in Boulder for CU, why wouldn't it work in this amazing CSU campus location in Fort Collins? I only got to experience this fantastic shop once this past summer, and I regret not popping in more often. The good news is, that we can still visit the original location on University Hill in Boulder next time we're in the area. Use this as a reminder to support our amazing local businesses because you never know when they'll have to lock up and leave our community permanently. Speaking of places we've lost in Colorado.

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