Remember the old Sears Grand building off of I-25 in Thornton? That gigantic space is now the home to Colorado's very first Living Spaces furniture store and it finally opens this week.

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Living Spaces Furniture Store Now Open In Colorado


Dating back to the summer of 2003, the extremely popular furniture store Living Spaces opened its very first location in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Touting their huge selection of over 150 living rooms, 100 bedrooms, and 115 dining rooms, Living Spaces quickly began to expand around California and beyond. The majority of their stores are located in California, but they're also in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and now in Colorado.

It's not quite the IKEA store that we were promised in the same area years back, but  Living Spaces is finally opening up its very first location in Thornton, Colorado. The giant new furniture store opens this Friday, September 1st, and people around the state are extremely excited. With a giant selection of "durable and quality furniture, Living Spaces is ready to show us here in Colorado, just why they've become such a popular destination for furniture shopping over the last 20 years.

Why Is Living Spaces Furniture So Popular?

Not only do they appear to have a massive selection for decent prices, they also offer extremely quick delivery. Obviously how quickly the delivery happens can depend on your location, but they do offer same-day delivery, which if you've ever ordered furniture from a large furniture warehouse, you know that the delivery process can often be the most frustrating part. I was once told I couldn't get my new couch delivered for over a month. Guess who showed up with a pick-up truck that night to pick it up and set it up himself?

I'm excited to experience Colorado's first Living Spaces store for myself when it opens. The Thornton, Colorado, Living Spaces store is located at 16395 Washington St, in Thornton, CO, which is where the Sears Grand used to be. I'd imagine we'll see way more shoppers inside Living Spaces than we ever did inside the ghost town store that was Sears Grand. Happy Shopping!

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