There are gangs that you do not want to be in, then there are gangs that you absolutely would want to be in. Count this one as the latter, young Padawans.

Growing up in the age of the original "Star Wars" movies, my brother and I always wanted lightsabers. My brother and I did get a couple of the ones that they had back then: basically flashlights with tubes attached; not exactly the same.

These days lightsabers are much more sophisticated and...cooler. When I saw this story from Colorado Sun, I immediately felt at least a little jealous. There's a group of students at University of Northern Colorado who are "Star Wars" fans, and create their own scenarios to act out, using their lightsabers. They are, "The Lightsaber Guys of UNC."

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Make no mistake, they are not just males; "Guys" in this usage is just a generalization of a group of people. A group of fun people, in my book.

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According to Colorado Sun, the group began at the beginning of the shutdown due to the pandemic. They would "fight" indoors, but moved outdoors for more room. It has to be something to see a lightsaber battle at night from your dorm windows.

They "Guys" make up their own stories, mostly based on the newer Star Wars characters and themes: Kylo Ren, Mace Jendu, Sith Knights, etc. Then they act oout those stories while filming them. It really is more than just 'goofing around.'


It does make me want to enroll at UNC; I'll take a few classes, get a new lightsaber, have some fun.

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