It's a little thing that we can all do, that could matter a lot to thousands of birds making their way to their next home.

Over 3,000 songbirds will be passing over the Fort Collins area as they migrate south; with that, folks are asked to alleviate 'light pollution' for their travels.

According to the Colorado Sun, CSU researchers and the Audobon Society estimate that nearly three million birds will be traveling across Colorado on May 20 and 21, 2021.

Some birds will be stopping in Colorado, most will be passing through. Either way, as they travel south, generally following I-25, they'll be coming across our populous cities that emit more light at night than in the rural areas.

That bright light attracts the birds, increasing their danger of predators such as feral and domestic cats, and flying into windows and tall buildings.

During this 'Lights Out' alert time frame, they estimate that Colorado Springs will see over 7,000 birds and the Denver area around 6,500.

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Our job will be to keep as many lights as possible turned off during the nights of May 20 and May 21. Luckily, it's not Halloween.

They'd really love for us to keep our lights off from April until September, but they know that it's just not feasible, so these 'Alert' times when there will be many, many birds, is the best option.

So, turn out the lights, and get more on the birds' migration from the Colorado Sun HERE.

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