You would have thought, that after all of these years they'd run out of areas to make a new trail. That's not the case for this new five-mile loop.

There's now a new way to adventure at Horsetooth, as Larimer County Department of Natural Resources announced that they've opened up the new 'Horsetooth Rock Loop Trail' as of May 18, 2021.

With Horsetooth Rock being such a popular hiking destination, Larimer County says that this one-way loop will find less congestion while taking in the open space. It looks like I have another item for my 'Summer of 2021' bucket list.

This new trail, starting at the Horsetooth Mountain Trailhead, will have bright signs to help you navigate it, but at times it does incorporate four other trails in the area: Horsetooth Falls, Soderberg, Southridge, and Audra Culver.

The Horsetooth Rock Loop Trail, which takes you around Horsetooth Rock, is classified as a 'moderate' hike as it has a 33% grade taking you up about 1,500 feet from 5,798 feet at the trailhead to 7,190 feet at the highest point of the hike.

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I have to be honest, I have not hiked Horsetooth at all, yet. I have hiked Coyote Ridge Trail, which seems very easy as compared to the Horsetooth area. I believe it's time for me to up my 'game' when it comes to hiking. This could be the trail to take on.

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