Lana Del Rey isn't exactly known for her dancing skills. In fact, the singer-songwriter admitted as much to VH1 in an interview back in 2012.

"I'm not a natural performer..." she told them, laughing. "I'm probably not the best candidate for f***ing Coachella, you know? I stand there and sing. I'm not that exciting!"

Four years later, her fans may beg to differ.

While performing at the TW Classic music festival in Werchter, Belgium on July 9, Lana busted out a choreographed dance number for what seems to be the first time. Accompanied by two dancers — one on each side — the lo-fi pop princess performed a cute '60s girl group-esque dance to her Born To Die deluxe version bonus track, "Lolita," onstage before a shrieking crowd. Watch below:

Granted, it's not an intense high-choreo breakdown as you might see from the likes of, say, Britney Spears or Beyonce, but it's something from the famously aloof crooner — and it arguably suits her.

However, fans are feeling some kind of way about it. In the comments of the video clip (above), sentiment is mixed, from some users celebrating the choreography to others not vibing with Lana's girl group moves at all.

"She seems so much more confident," noted one fan, another excitedly type-shouting, "OH MY GOD IT MAKES IT SO MUCH BETTER!"

"I think she wasn't happy about [the] show. It's so different," wrote a different user, adding, "I mean Lana is always the only thing about her show and we love this. Her random dance moves... I loved, but this isn't Lana's thing."

Another fan expanded on the negative feedback, citing the artist's mellow stage persona as a unique asset to her live performances.

"The choreography is cute but I'd prefer if she did it by herself," they shared. "Personally I am not a fan of the backup dancers because I think Lana herself is enough entertainment. I respect her for trying something new but ultimately I like the simplicity on stage with the focus being on just her — the way it's always been. I don't think she needs anything else to make the show better."

Other fans, however, we're just happy to see Lana trying new things.

"It just doesn't fit with her persona and style of music," a user commented. "But it's cool to see her out of her comfort zone."

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