Tinashe called out Lana Del Rey for sharing a controversial video of protestors looting and vandalizing stores, which she posted to her Instagram on Sunday (May 31).

In a since-deleted tweet, Tinashe questioned why Del Rey would post the video in the first place. "@LanaDelRey why the f--k are you posting people looting stores on your page, literally what is your problem?" she wrote.

Minutes after Tinashe sent her tweet, Kehlani also took to Twitter to also ask Del Rey to remove her post.

After the post appeared to be deleted, Tinashe thanked Del Rey for removing it. Meanwhile, fans informed Kehlani that the video was re-posted.

"I was told the post was deleted and that was my point so I deleted the tweet but I guess it’s not deleted it’s just re-posted?" Kehlani tweeted. "Leaving it up on my story but hopefully if she gets enough dms [direct messages] she will take it completely down."

Over the weekend, Tinashe, Kehlani and Del Rey attended peaceful protests to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest the tragic murder of George Floyd.

See the tweets and original video, below.

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