A beautiful building at a great location, If Lake Loveland Dermatology is no longer what will take its place? We look back at a restaurant that used to be there.

Lake Loveland Dermatology recently went into bankruptcy. With that, there is the possiblity that they may have to shut down that location. 

When that building was gettting remodeled, I would have sworn they'd be putting in a nice family-style restaurant. I was kind of bummed when it turned out to be a skin clinic Not that there's not a need, but dang.

Having grown up in Loveland I remember when there was a piece of Loveland history at that site. You know of the Rialto Theater. Ted Thompson and his wife Mabel operated The Rialto from 1935 until 1947. They were also the ones who created Loveland's famous Valentines remailing program. They were kind of big deal.

One thing Ted and Mabel also did, after leaving The Rialto, was to open the Dude Corral Restuarant on Lake Loveland in 1947 as a stop for folks traveling Highway 34 on their way up the canyon to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Dude was there for a very long time. I recall back in the '70s when my mom was on bowling leagues, they'd often go out to The Dude afterward for beers. I went out there a couple of times after my shifts at the Sirloin Stockade in the '80s.

Loveland's history will tell you about the motel and gas station that were also there. Those, I just don't remember. I do remember a great neon sign. Lasso style: 'Dude Corrall.'

I'd love to see a resurrection of Dude Corral Restaurant. I think it'd be a great tribute to the Thompsons and to Loveland.