Kyle Massey is in serious trouble...again. The former Disney Channel star has been charged with a felony for allegedly sending sexually explicit content to a minor.

According to a report from Page Six, the charges stem from when the That's So Raven actor allegedly sent pornographic images to an unnamed 13-year-old girl between December 2018 and January 2019.

And it's not the first time the case has been brought to court: the girl's family first sued Massey in a $1.5 million civil suit back in 2019. However, that case has been met with roadblocks and stalling, partially due to contest that the actor does not have the amount of money necessary to pay a judgment.

That same civil lawsuit alleged that Massey, now 29, had known the unnamed plaintiff since she was just four years old, and apparently kept in contact with the family as the young girl pursued her own career as a child actor.

Ahead of the explicit messages, Massey and the young girl purportedly discussed the possibility of her taking part in a proposed Cory in the House reboot following the success of the That's So Raven follow-up, Raven's Home. (However, no such reboot of the White House-centric 2007 spin-off ever seemed to materialize.)

Eventually, Massey allegedly requested to add the girl on Snapchat, which was where the sexually inappropriate messaging took place.

The former star was scheduled for his first arraignment on Monday (June 28), but he failed to appear in court.

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