With temperatures reaching in the mid-90's, it's definitely tempting to shed some clothes – especially if you're on a hike, and furthermore, celebrating National Nude Hiking Day on June 21. However, if you're headed out on the trails, and plan on doing so in the buff, you might want to double check that the location you are going to actually allows this. For instance, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning people that their trails are completely off limits to naked hikers, and if anyone is caught doing so, they will receive either a warning or ticket for indecent exposure.

In regards to this "holiday," the U.S. Forest Service said that their Colorado lands have individual rules, and that nudity is not acceptable at all of the locations. Forest Service staff recommends contacting the national forest or grassland to be aware of any restrictions before heading out on a nude adventure. The BLM noted that they will be handling any nudity situations on a case-by-case basis. If you're planning on peeling off your clothes and taking on the trails, there's an online organization devoted to nude Colorado mountain hiking that can help you decide where to go.

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