If you're tired of trekking the same trails over and over, here's some good news. Hikers and bikers in Fort Collins now have two new trails to hit, while the weather is still mild, that is. 

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Lory State Park in Fort Collins now has two new trails that the trail team spent the summer creating. The Fire Line Trail is a short, moderate trail at just under half a mile, for foot traffic only. The Fire Line Trail connects the popular Arthur's Rock and Overlook Trails, and gets its name from its use of the fire lines that were drawn during the Galena Wildfire. Unlike most wildfires, the Galena Fire burned in the spring of 2013, and charred at least 1,000 acres near the city of Fort Collins.

Chris Lorensson on Unsplash
Chris Lorensson on Unsplash

Hikers as well as bikers can use the new Quarry Ridge Loop Trail, which is a one mile moderate trail, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said. On the far east edge of the park, the Quarry Ridge Loop provides scenic views of Horsetooth Reservoir, Arthur's Rock and even the city of Fort Collins.

Lory State Park has 26 miles of trails for mixed use, including access to backcountry camping. Individual day passes start at $4. A camping permit starts at $18. No campfires are permitted currently (because we don't want another wildfire in the park), but you can use camp stoves. More information available here.

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