According to multiple news outlets across the Front Range, and now stemming nationwide, a Roosevelt High School teacher in Johnstown has been put on leave after they let students hit a Trump themed piñata for a Cinco De Mayo celebration.

According to the Coloradoan, a parent was offended by the piñata with the President's face upon it. An investigation is currently being conducted and the teacher is now on paid administrative leave.

donald trump inauguration
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

Comments on multiple stories via Facebook show people are mad at the teacher for the piñata and bringing his "political beliefs into the classroom".

However, motives behind the political themed piñata don't seem to be clear as numerous students and parents of students that attend the school said that the piñata had President Donald Trump's face and the face of the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, on the opposite side. Sources also say that the teacher did not bring the piñata to Roosevelt High School, a student made it and brought it in for the Cinco De Mayo Celebration.

Roosevelt High School was closed today due to an unnamed threat via social media according to KDVR.



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