Another northern Colorado celebrity connection John Mayer got a new truck last week, and this huge, bad-boy was created in Dacono!

Check it out!


Mayer Instagram
John Mayer, via Instagram

They’re said to cost upwards of $540,000. It WOULD take a superstar to afford such—luxury? John Mayer picked up his new XPedition Vehicle last week from EarthRoamer in Dacono, Colorado.

It has a V8 engine, 300 horsepower, a bathroom, a shower, room for nine (including John behind the wheel) and just looks-- AWESOME!

John via Instagram:

 “I am a proud owner of this most formidable go-anywhere, live-anywhere vehicle. One year and many meetings in the making, she’s all mine. Completely hand built in Colorado by extremely talented and innovative men and women. Who knows where I’ll end up next.”

Way to go, John!  And way to go Dacono!

Save up YOUR money and get your own.

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