Over the weekend, Joe Jonas posted a pretty humorous Halloween Instagram, but the most interesting interaction happened within the comments section rather than on the photo itself.

If you live in Colorado and are active on Instagram, you're probably familiar with Henry the Colorado Dog. He's an adorable pup with thousands of followers from all around the world, and was recently joined by a cat named Baloo. Together, they grace feeds with majestic hiking videos and adorable photos of Baloo cuddling Henry, and the account has become so popular that they've even begun selling merchandise like stickers and calendars (which you can purchase here).

Seriously, it's too cute for words.

The owner of the account recently posted a video of Henry and Baloo on a still lake, looking out towards the scenery, which was reposted by Joe Jonas in his Instagram stories where he often reposts funny videos from around the internet. However, in this case, he made a mistake-- he neglected to give @HenryTheColoradoDog credit for her post.

The owner of the account reached out to Jonas on his Instagram feed, commenting on the Halloween photo with the below comment:

"If you are going to use my video in your stories, give me credit. Otherwise, you have stolen my intellectual property. Really not cool." -@HenryTheColoradoDog

Fans of Jonas rushed to his support, saying that the owner of the account should be "flattered" and that she should say thank you to the star. She countered:

"You're expecting me to be flattered and grateful when my work was stolen? What if you were an artist and your work was stolen? Would you be flattered just because it was a celebrity? I'm sorry but I don't give special treatment to Someone just because they are famous." -@HenryTheColoradoDog

We have reached out to the owner of the Instagram page for a quote, and Joe Jonas has yet to comment on his use of the video in his stories or provide an apology.

Instagram, especially in recent years, has provided a place for artists to showcase their work: their photography, their art, and funny moments from their lives. Despite it being a public outlet, many professional photographers have to hound their audiences about using their materials: just because it's on Instagram doesn't mean it's fair game.

We will update this story with any further information.

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