Country singer and reality television show star Jessie James Decker has announced she's expecting a baby with husband Eric Decker. The couple's third child is due at the end of March.

The Deckers gave the news to fans by sharing a video in which they told their kids, specifically 3-year-old daughter Vivianne, who had been praying for a little brother or sister for quite a long time. Two-year-old Eric Jr. doesn't seem to care about much other than his glass of tea.

"Me and daddy talked about it and Jesus helped put a baby in mommy's tummy," the singer tells her daughter in the Instagram video. The little girl is pretty excited to hear this news — Viv's reaction is 100 percent adorable.

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The Deckers star in the E! reality show Eric and Jessie, now in its third season. The couple's friskiness and physical attraction for one another is a frequent topic on the show. In the past they've shared pregnancy photos that can gently be described as (gulp) intimate. The outspoken James Decker has a new album called Southern Girls City Lights available on Oct. 13.

Eric Decker is a wide receiver for the NFL's Tennessee Titans. The couple were recently in the news when the Titans remained in the locker room while the National Anthem was sung and Jessie claimed her husband wasn't aware of and didn't support the plan.

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