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Jennifer Anniston's TikTok Look-Alike

A woman who looks nearly identical to Jennifer Aniston has gone viral for her spot-on impression of Rachel Greene from Friends. Watch the hilarious TikTok video, below!

Selena Gomez Launches Inclusive Swimwear Collab

Selena Gomez has announced a collaboration with La'Mariette, a swimwear line that emphasizes the message that all bodies are beautiful. The founders of the brand, Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao, asked Gomez to put her stamp on the partnership by having her model the collection. (via People)

Workers Excited About Going to Work Again Despite Rush Hour Traffic

A new survey found that two-thirds of workers are excited about getting back to a normal work setting, despite the negative aspects of commuting, such as sitting in traffic. While commuting studies show 55 percent of people enjoy listening to podcasts and singing along to music in their cars, 53 percent enjoy listening to the news and 52 percent simply enjoy the alone time. (via StudyFinds)

James Charles Returns to YouTube After 'Being Canceled'

James Charles, a 22 year-old makeup vlogger who was "canceled" due to his inappropriate interactions with minors, is attempting to return to YouTube. In a newly uploaded video, the makeup mogul claims he just wants to do his makeup... all while discussing the underage victims who accused him.

Pinterest Will No Longer Allow Weight Loss Ads

The National Eating Disorders Association has been working with Pinterest to update their policies as searches for weight loss continue to spike. It's believed that many feel pressured to look a certain way as social restrictions begin to lift amid the pandemic. Pinterest is reportedly the first platform to completely ban any form of weight loss advertising in its entirety. (via NPR)

Yes, An Illegal Coupon Ring Exists

In Texas, authorities have finally concluded an investigation involving an underground crime ring known as "The Dark Side." More than 80 people have been identified as participants in a scam in which members would use counterfeit coupons in stores such as Target and Walmart to purchase items at falsely discounted rates. The group is thought to be responsible for up to $20 million in losses. (via Click2Houston)

Rare Copy of the Declaration of Independence Found in Attic

One of 201 rare copies of the Declaration of Independence was found in the attic of U.K.-based auction house Lyon and Turnbull.. It sold for $4.5 million to an anonymous buyer in Philadelphia. (via Local 12)

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