Once upon a time, Jean-Claude Van Damme broke bones and caused other Van Damage as the star of high grossing movies like ‘Bloodsport’ and ‘Time Cop.’ Unfortunately for the “Muscles From Brussels,” fame brought with it depression and substance abuse problems, and by the late nineties the box office star  faded into direct-to-video oblivion.

But about five years ago, JCVD began mounting a mainstream comeback thanks to a new willingness to mock the ridiculousness of his own existence. In the latest of these self-deprecating acts, the martial arts whiz makes snow angles and sings Berlin’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ on behalf of Coors Light.

The commercial is part of Coors Light’s ad campaign in England. Which means, presumably, people in England buy Coors Light. Which means nobody in England can ever make fun of us about our watery, tasteless beers again.

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