It's safe to say that the Denver Broncos' last season was rough. However, things may be looking up for the team — at least, according to artificial intelligence.

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Russell Wilson is a Top 5 quarterback

When asked the AIs to name the Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL, the bots ranked Russell Wilson as the fifth best quarterback in the league.

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Broncos Country might not agree with this ranking, but AI gave Wilson high praise, placing him behind only the Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen, the New York Jets' Aaron Rodgers, the Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burrow, and the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes.

The Denver Broncos have a solid head coach

Getting rid of Nathaniel Hackett appears to have been a good move for the Denver Broncos. The chatbots told that new Head Coach Sean Payton is the third best in the NFL.

Denver Broncos Introduce Sean Payton as Head Coach
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Who's better? According to AI, the Chief's Andy Reid and the New England Patriots' Bill Belichick make up the Top 2.

Broncos Country has team spirit reports that AI thinks the Denver Broncos have the eighth most passionate fanbase in the NFL. We may not be in the Top 5, but hopefully, that spirit will help the team have a successful upcoming season.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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See who the team will play this season in the gallery below.

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