We all know how famous the state of Colorado is for its world-class skiing, but there's another sport that's been around for over 70 years that many claim is the wildest winter sport in the state.

Keep scrolling to learn about Skijoring, a sport that is said to be the "wildest" in Colorado.

Skijoring in Colorado is a Tradition

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Upon hearing the word Skijoring for the first time, many Coloradans would scratch their heads with a puzzled look on their face. However, believe it or not, Skijoring has a long history in the Centennial State.

Before we get into a history lesson, though, let's learn exactly what this wild sport is.

Skijoring is a sport in which a person on skis is pulled by a large animal, typically a horse, with a rope. The Skijorer hangs on for dear life while going over jumps and collecting round, plastic rings, all while being pulled at surprisingly high speeds.

The sport has been in Colorado for at least 3/4 of a century, and the first event surrounding the sport was held in Leadville back in 1949.

Leadville, Colorado still holds an annual Skijorning event in the heart of downtown and the townspeople and tourists alike flock to the blocked-off road to watch.

A quick search on Google or YouTube will bring up titles like, "Colorado's Wildest Sport," "Skijoring: The Wildest Winter Sport You've Never Heard Of," "Skijoring May Be the West's Wildest Sport," and "Skijoring: Wildest Sport in the West."

That being said, it would appear that Skijoring is not only the wildest sport in the state of Colorado but quite possibly the entire western United States.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the action from one of Leadville's past Skijoring events:

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