Eclipse glasses are going to be very handy for Coloradans in 2024. This year, four different eclipses will be happening over North America, including the total solar eclipse coming this spring.

Get crackin' on some easy DIY solar viewers while we look at what this year's eclipse schedule has in store for Western Colorado.

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Five Eclipses Will Happen in 2024

Colorado will have a chance to see four of the five eclipses happening in 2024, with the most popular event being the total solar eclipse coming in April. The Earth usually sees two lunar eclipses each year while some years feature none at all. A solar eclipse usually happens twice each year but can happen as many as five times (1935).

  • March 25th - Lunar Eclipse
  • April 8th - Total Solar Eclipse
  • September 17th - Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • October 2nd - Annular Solar Eclipse (not visible in Colorado)
  • October 17th - Lunar Eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024

The last solar eclipse over North America passed right over a portion of Southwest Colorado in October of last year. The total social eclipse happening in 2024 will favor the eastern half of the county and offer Colorado, and Grand Junction, a chance to see 40 to 60% coverage of the sun.

On April 8th, Colorado will see a partial eclipse between the hours of 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. The max partial eclipse will take place around 12:30 pm that day.

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