Western Colorado is a magical place to live. Some people are lucky enough to find the perfect spot in the Grand Valley and build the home of their dreams. Today's house has stood near 1st Street in Grand Junction since the 1930s.

Get ready to take a trip back in time as you step through the front door of 608 Meander Drive. Once you see inside, you'll never forget which side of town it is on.

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Make A Statement In The Front Yard

Maybe you've caught a glimpse of this Grand Junction house before. 608 Meander is a sturdy old house with a distinct piece of artwork in the front yard. What may have been an old tree seems to have been carved into the statue of an eagle and a horse standing back to back. Check it out in the gallery below.

One of Colorado's Coolest Houses

The house feels fun as soon as you go inside. Time travel back to the 1960s and chill with the blue lake-colored shag carpeting in the living room. Flip through the photo gallery below to see the custom chandelier made from crossed swords and the metallic wallpaper in the guest bathroom. So much of the decor, from the curtains to the carpeting, goes way back to another Colorado era. Would you restore this beauty to its former glory?

Party People To The Basement

A huge custom fireplace, party lights, and leopard-print carpeting will make you the host with the most to offer for your next special occasion. Check it out as part of the photo below.

Are you feeling the retro vibe? It's definitely one of the most unique homes we've seen in a while. Every time I go to Walgreens on first, I won't be able to forget it's right around the corner.

One Of Colorado's Coolest Homes Is A Time Capsule From Another Era

What would it be like to live in Grand Junction during the 1960s? You can at least recreate the vibe at this home on Meander Drive. From shag carpets to the retro kitchen, and party-time basement, it's one of the most unique homes in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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