It makes sense that the Rocky Mountains would be a great place to go if are hunting for rocks, minerals, and gemstones. Rockhounding is a popular hobby on both sides of Colorado, but it can be tricky to know which areas of the state are good for rock collecting and which areas you are not allowed to collect in.

While you can take rocks for personal use from certain places, there are designated areas in Colorado where removing any rocks of any kind is not allowed. Keep going to learn more about rock collecting in Colorado, and some tips on where to look for them.

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Is It Legal To Collect Rocks In Colorado?

You are allowed to collect rocks in Colorado, but there are limitations on what kinds of rocks you can collect, how many you can take with you, and limitations on the land you are allowed to remove them from.

You are not allowed to collect rocks and resell them for profit, but you can keep them for a personal collection. We will go over the details of what you can and can't take in the gallery below.

Can I Remove Rocks From A Colorado State Park?

The state of Colorado does not allow the removal of rocks or stones from State Parks. It is also considered a serious offense to remove rocks from any of Colorado's National Parks. 

Colorado's Best Places for Rockhounds

Some of the best counties in Colorado for rocks, minerals, and gemstones include the many leftover mining prospects in Chaffee County. Lots of minerals can still be found in the creek beds of West Jefferson County, as well as Gunnison County. Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Mineral County.

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Collecting rocks can be fun - whether you are looking for precious stones and unusual rocks, or if you want to pick up something for your yard. Here is a look at some facts about collecting rocks in Colorado - what every rockhound in Colorado should know.

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