Mark your calendars for March 8, the last day you'll be able to stop by and grab a bite of sushi off one of those cool conveyor belts at four out of five locations of a cool Colorado sushi spot.

Chef Jeff Osaka was originally known in Denver for his ramen restaurant called Osaka Ramen. But in 2015 decided to venture into the world of "Kaitenzushi" - which essentially means "sushi train" where a conveyor belt moves fresh sushi all around the restaurant, allowing patrons to pick what they want as it passes by.

At the end of the feast, a staff member simply comes by and counts the number of empty plates, matches them to the corresponding color and tallies up your bill. It's a concept that's a lot of fun in addition to being pretty tasty if you're a fan of sushi and having bites of many different things in a single meal.

Piggybacking on the success of his ramen restaurant, Osaka opened the first Sushi-Rama in 2015 just a block away from the ramen place, then added another four over the coming years in the Denver Tech Center near Belleview Station, one in Lone Tree, one in Aurora near Fitzsimons and a location in Broomfield as well.

And while sushi has been trucking around each of those locations on conveyor belts ever since, that ride is about to end as Osaka has announced they are closing the newest four locations in order to fully immerse themselves in the original Sushi-Rama in the RiNo district and Osaka Ramen.

A message on their website reads:

Sushi-Rama friends and family, we are sad to announce the closing our suburban locations (Belleview, Lone Tree, Fitzsimons and Broomfield) on March 8th. It’s been an amazing journey and we look forward to seeing you all one, or two, last times!
Our original RiNo location will continue to forge forward for all your sushi needs!
Please check individual locations for hours.

You can find Sushi-Rama at 2615 Larimer Street in Denver and Osaka Ramen nearby at 2611 Walnut Street, also in Denver.

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